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Tasting notes #23: Farmhouse Mild

July 27, 2012

The Mild has had 12 days to mature which should be plenty for this kind of a beer for quick and fast summer drinking. One can even see the carbonation bubbles in the glass:

The dark rye malt and German smoked malt (I believe it was Weyermann) are a match made in heaven, slightly sweet and bready with a hint of smoke, a nice combination. I am getting some more information on the hops now too, I’d estimate the IBU’s to be slightly more than in a typical Hefeweizen, say around 15, which would make the AA% to be somewhere in the region of 4.5 (instead of the 3% used in the recipe).

This one is the draft (cask) version:


A bit dryer with less carbonation. That smoky rye dominates and the hops are very Hefeweizen-like. This beer makes me want to flour some pork chops with thyme and sage, fry them in the butter and roast them in an oven until very tender then smother the chops with a mushroom cream dijon sauce.  Mental note, brew this in the winter as 1055-60 OG. Life is good.

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