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Tasting impressions #48: Progress Single Hop

July 30, 2013 Comments off

Big 0.75L bottle tasted still a bit of metal and alcohol, but 0.5L flip-top seems fine, still quite young but I like my beers fresh. This beer is supposed to be an English IPA – here’s the recipe. Not dropped quite bright yet:


Slightly hazy orange, ample carbonation. Aroma is fruity and spicy, sweetish even. Mouthfeel is full but refreshing, taste is fruity, malty, dry, and there is that malt-forwardness for sure. Hoppiness makes the beer feel quite solid, there is bitterness but it’s rather up front – none of that late hop aroma silliness (it is a fad I’m sure). Solid, balanced, bitter in a reassuring old-fashioned way.

Sort of a Belgian Saison without that typical Belgian yeast character which can easily make a beer undrinkable in quantity as the “elusive” in “elusive drinkability” crystallises. None of that problem here at 5.8 per cent abv – the smoothness, the smoothness.


Edit: now day later the beer has dropped bright. Go figure.




Edit#2. 5th August. Now even some of the smaller bottles taste harsh and metallic, this seems to happen about half of the time. The other half seems fine (basically this beer is the brew #27 but with Progress hops instead of EKG. Tasting notes here). Perhaps this beer does not benefit from being tasted after other beers (which might’ve happened) but what’s more likely is that Progress just isn’t a nice hop by itself. I should’ve used Northdown, Fuggles or Bramling Cross.

Perhaps this is why Dave stopped using Progress in his excellent Pilgrim’s Progress quite early on? Excellent story of The Pilgrim Brewery here. Can’t recommend David Roberts’ beers enough. What a character!

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Tasting impressions #47: Rye’ish Saison

July 18, 2013 Comments off

Looks are:



Aroma is Belgian and spicy, peppery. Taste is quite bitter for a saison (but that was intentional, Finnish beer guru and a Renaissance Man Arde is going to get to taste this beer and he likes his beers hoppy and “non-clammy”) and there’s that Belgian character in the taste too but in a very very dry way. This beer is dry. No residual sugars or sweetness at all, which must’ve happened in the bottle since the beer ended up at 1008 ie not low enough. Around 6 per cent abv. Another cracker to my taste which seems to peak when most of the bottles have been either drank or given away.

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Brew #48: Progress Single Hop

July 6, 2013 Comments off

I used the excellent brew #27 as a template for this beer and tried to replicate Maris Otter malt – Sambrooks says Pumphouse Pale Ale is  brewed with Maris Otter pale malt but I definitely tasted some caramel in it last night hence the crystal as I liked that beer. Perhaps this is closer to an ESB…anyway, this never gets old:


Mash efficiency 87 per cent. The recipe:

name Progress Single Hop
“style” English IPA
brewlength 24 litres
IBU 53
EBC 16
OG 1057
brewing date 6-Jul-13
yeast Nottingham
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 4.70 82.8%
grain 2 Munich 0.56 9.9%
grain 3 Vienna 0.29 5.1%
grain 4 Crystal 0.12 2.1%
total 5.67 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
Progress 8.25% 25 FWH 19
Progress 8.25% 30 60 23
Progress 8.25% 30 15 11
total 85 53
mash schedule minutes degrees c
step 1 mash in 40
step 2 70 67
step 3 15 77
1/4 tsp Gypsum in the boil
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