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Brew #39: Hogs Hatch Mild

February 25, 2013 Comments off

Did not use the chiller but waited for 15 minutes after the boil, drained the 90+ degC clear wort into the FV and dumped it outside into the snow to cool down. Once cooled I’ll draw out 1.5 litres for speise and pitch the yeast.

name Hogs Hatch Mild
“style” Dark Mild
brewlength 24 litres
IBU 22
EBC 40
OG 1036
brewing date 25-Feb-13
yeast Safale S-04
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 2.85 74.4%
grain 2 Munich 0.55 14.4%
grain 3 Crystal 0.20 5.2%
grain 4 Wheat 0.15 3.9%
grain 5 Chocolate 0.08 2.1%
total 3.83 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
Challenger 6.5% 20 60 14
Challenger 6.5% 15 20 6
Challenger 6.5% 15 5 2
total 50 22
mash schedule minutes degC
step 1 mash in 50
step 2 80 70
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Cheese Smothered Beery Pork Chops

February 21, 2013 Comments off

First, cook the roux. Fry a chopped onion with bits of bacon in butter until the onion is soft, add thyme and mushrooms (I used trumpet chanterelles), cook a bit more. Add pepper, salt, cayenne, flour, dijon mustard. Then in goes the beer (I used my smoky Rauch) and milk. Cook away the taste of flour until you have a thick paste. Add some chopped gherkins and lots of grated cheese (I used emmental). Should look like this:


Fry some pork steaks (loin or chops) in butter, season with pepper, salt, a bit of cayenne. Put in the oven until tender:


Take out of the oven and plaster the paste on top of the steaks. Some bread crumbs, more cheese and cayenne on top:


Put back into the oven until golden brown (I was too hasty) and cheese has melted:


Enjoy with a few nice pints. Use your own judgement to figure out the measurements, temperatures, what have you. This works with chicken too, or bread to make an open sandwich.

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Well Water Test Results

February 20, 2013 Comments off

For future reference should I want to treat my water when brewing an IPA etc. I knew my water was very soft, clear and it tasted good, even in the spring when the snow is melting and ground water level is up.

pH 4-5

Total Alkalinity PPM (mg/L) 75-80

Total Hardness PPM (mg/L) 0-10, GPG ~0

Iron Check (Fe+2) PPM (mg/L) 0.0

Total Nitrate (as N) PPM (mg/L) 0-1.0

Nitrite (as N) PPM (mg/L) 0-0.1

I’ll take mid-points, close enough for cooking.

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Tasting impressions #37: Sasquatch Hug IPA

February 13, 2013 Comments off

Bottled this one on 6th of February at 1009 FG, ~6.8 per cent abv. Looks the part, really beautiful, good amount of carbonation and condition in a mere week:

homebrewing 256


While I’m uploading the photo the aroma is wafting gently into my nose. Citrus, no pine or resin really that I can tell, just generic citrus. The taste is pleasantly dry, the body is nicely medium+, not thin at all. No alcohol what so ever in the taste. Good initial bitterness hit, but softly softly. Bitterness is firm and up front. There is some hoppy aroma from the late additions but not that much – could be that First Wort Hopping dominates any late aroma hop additions in the boil. Some pleasant oiliness as it’s slipping down. A tight beer, firm and tight.

Really pleased with the results. Not sure I’d want to change anything if I was to brew this again, might try some Nelson Sauvin hops in order to get that mango fruit cocktail thingy going on but other than that I think this is it – but why brew something twice when there are so many permutations…

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Tasting impressions #36: Rauch 1049

February 13, 2013 Comments off

Bottled this beer on 4th of February at 1012 FG, ~4.8 per cent abv.

homebrewing 255


Aroma is malty, slightly smoky. Taste is malty, refreshing, soft, smoky. Good balance between sweetness and hops, both being quite subtle. Smokiness could have been more pronounced instead of delicate.  Very germanic, kellerbier-like.  Less carbonation than usual in my brews, slips down nicely. Not exactly liquid smoked bacon as I wanted but somehow I doubt that even with 100 per cent smoked malt this beer would have been Schlenkerla’ish – I assume the real smokiness comes not only from the ingredients but from the equipment used, having been ingrained into it over the centuries.

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Brew #38: Transatlantic Triple C Bitter

February 7, 2013 Comments off

Going for FWH again. Recently bottled brew #37 IPA and had a taste – never have I captured a hop taste like that before. Pure tropical grapefruit and the bitterness was very smooth. It was bitter (and hopefully conditioning will accentuate it more) but somehow in the background in a very aromatic way. FWH seems a good way to replace dry hopping (which I am not fond of doing and have done only once).

Using my house bitter grain bill together with leftover Columbus and Cascade hops from the IPA, together with some Challenger hops.

name Transatlantic Triple C
“style” Bitter
brewlength 24 litres
IBU ~39
EBC 25
OG 1040
brewing date 7-Feb-13
yeast Nottingham
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 2.95 73.2%
grain 2 Munich 0.35 8.7%
grain 3 Vienna 0.35 8.7%
grain 4 Wheat 0.21 5.2%
grain 5 Crystal 0.15 3.7%
grain 6 Chocolate 0.02 0.5%
total 4.03 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
Cascade+Columbus 11% 10 FWH 12
Challenger 6.5% 15 FWH 10
Cascade+Columbus 11% 5 20 4
Challenger 6.5% 10 20 4
Cascade+Columbus 11% 25 5 6
Challenger 6.5% 25 5 3
total 90 39
mash schedule minutes degC
step 1 mash in 50
step 2 80 69
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