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Tasting notes #24: Kitchen Sink Bitter

August 1, 2012

This session bitter has a fruity aroma and the taste is first malty fruitiness then bitter grass. The recipe was to get rid of various leftover items but I may have stumbled onto something better and bigger than that.



The body is surprisingly full given its 3.3% ABV. The grass is probably the Saaz hops waxing lyrical on top of the work horse of a bittering hop Target. Crystal malts at 3.9% of the grain bill provide just the right amount of caramel without having that burnt taste. It may be a brown beer but it is certainly not boring and it represents one of the main reasons why I brew – to have a steady supply of session strength  bitters for restorative consumption.

I now have a house bitter malt bill but need to simplify the hop bill a bit and still keep the essence of it. Three hops should be sufficient and I think I’ll ditch the Liberty – obviously some hard research needed here…

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