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Brew #12: Brugge Tour 2012 Ale

name Brugge Tour 2012 Ale
“style” Belgian Ale
IBU 25
EBC 15
OG 1060
brewing date 13-Jan-12
yeast Safbrew T-58 (rehydrated)
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 4.25 75.9%
grain 2 Wheat malt 0.50 8.9%
grain 3 Crystal 150EBC (76L) 0.25 4.5%
adjunct 1 Lyle’s Golden Syrup 0.45 8.0%
adjunct 2 Invert sugar 0.15 2.7%
total 5.60 100%
hops & spices hop gram minutes
bittering Brewers Gold 7.3% 25 60
flavour Saaz 4.1% 20 30
aroma Saaz 4.1% 15 15
spice Orange zest 8 15
total 68
mash schedule minutes degrees c
step 1 mash in 40
step 2 60 64
step 3 10 64
Protafloc tablet
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Tasting notes #11: Smoked Porter

Appearance: almost black with some ruby red around the edges. One-finger head and some visible carbonation in the bottom of the glass.

Aroma: slight sour fruitiness, malty roastiness.

Mouthfeel: light but non-watery,  nicely carbonated.

Taste: some non-raisin fruitiness. Dry, thirst-quenching  refreshness with a nice smooth roast accent but no smokiness at all. Both hops and malts seem to be in the background, neither taking the lead (balance?).

Conclusion: Very sessionable. Obviously the smoking of the malt did not work but is not missed much either. Very balanced and seems to be an ideal all-around porter for quick drinking. Carbonated in five days. Seems spot on for its weight (recipe here) and will definitely brew this one (and especially use the grain bill) again.  To take the beer to another level one could experiment with some sourness (Rodenbach-style) for sure. Very pleased!


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Tasting notes #10: Northdown Bitter

Appearance: orangey, with reddish hue, hazy. Nice carbonation, one-finger foam which dissappears later on leaving a tight lacing on the glass.

Aroma:  refreshingly fruity, some strawberry and mango, no sign of yeastiness that was there a week or so after bottling.

Mouthfeel: almost full, considering the relatively low ABV of 4.4%. Some tingling carbonation.

Taste: bitterness really shines through, perhaps for the first time in my brews – the hop spider diy-thingy where the hops have room to float does seem to do the trick. Overt fruitiness that was still there a week after bottling is gone. Surprisingly dry, given that the beer finished quite high. However, there is some harshness in the bitterness, and the beer seems to somehow punch above its weight.

Conclusion: especially like the malt base, the red looks really appetising. I would balance the hops slightly though towards the late addition and cut back the bittering. Worth brewing again with some tweaking. The recipe is here.

(These are the first proper tasting notes on my own beer, hopefully I’ll get better putting my thoughts down in writing – every beer always seems to taste like…well, beer…)

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