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Brew #20: Summer Pale Ale

May 25, 2012 Comments off

Hit the OG spot on at 1040 and got 24 litres into the FV.

name Summer Pale Ale
“style” APA
IBU 47
EBC 13
OG 1040
brewing date 25-May-12
yeast Nottingham
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 3.5 80%
grain 2 Munich 0.495 11%
grain 3 Crystal 150EBC (76L) 0.205 5%
grain 4 Wheat 0.15 3%
total 4.35 100%
hops hop gram minutes
bittering Willamette 5.6% 20 60
bittering Target 10.7% 15 60
flavour Willamette 5.6% 15 30
flavour Willamette 5.6% 15 20
aroma Citra 15% 20 10
total 85
mash schedule minutes degrees c
step 1 mash in 45
step 2 30 45
step 3 15 55
step 4 30 62
step 5 15 68
step 6 10 74
Protafloc tablet
Cascade aroma hop oil 2ml at bottling
mash with 26 litres
sparge with 6 litres
into FV 24 litres

Recipe: Summer Pale Ale
“Style”: Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Brewed: 5/25/2012
Bottled: 6/5/2012
OG: 1.040 SG
FG: 1.009 SG
Alc%vol: 4.1 %
In FV: 24L
Bottled: 22L

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Tasting notes #19: Citra Hop Burst

May 25, 2012 Comments off

Citra Hop Burst turned out to be very dry, light and clean. There is some hoppiness up front but not much and the late additions provide some citrussy aroma but again, not much.  Not that challenging but works well as a nice session ale. There is a gentle suggestion somewhere in there as to what Citra is and could do.

The problem again is my very soft water – I should start treating it for these kinds of beers. I should also take the plunge and dry hop.

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Tasting notes #18: Diamond Jubilee ESB

May 24, 2012 Comments off

Fruity, malty, raisiny with some slight smokiness in the background. Clear amber copper colour, half a finger head, moderate carbonation. Soft and round, with almost a full mouthfeel. Some hops but clearly in the background. Would pair nicely with barbecued pork chops due to smoked malt in the recipe.

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Tasting Thomas Hardy’s Ale

May 19, 2012 Comments off

I was fortunate to be invited to share a bottle of 28-year-old Thomas Hardy’s Ale brewed by Eldridge, Pope & Co. The bottle was numbered #29994 in 1984 and had been stored upright in the dark and in a constant 12°C since then.

The beer was without head, no carbonation was present either. The colour was dark ruby red and the aroma and taste was like Port or Madeira, aged dessert wine with slight sweetness. No hops were detectable. No oxidation whatsoever.

There is a sister bottle stashed away and I have put myself forward to taste that one too, 9 more years to wait…