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Tasting a guest homebrew: oh6gdx’s mixed bag of goodies – part 3

Next one up is “Dark Tranquillity vol 2 ABV: 3,8%”. Loose head which disappears quickly. Huge carbonation. Aroma is fruity toffee and cherries, taste dryish coffee, some smoke and roastiness.

Tart and sour, like a blend of Rodenbach and porter, light on the porter. I love sour beers and when in Belgium I practically brush my teeth with Rodenbach. But I can’t define this beer. Same malty characteristics as in one of the previous beers but not any malt I have ever used, could be Melanoidin or something. I burbed and definitely got some lactose. I like this beer a lot, whatever it is. It is a bit thin understandably and would benefit from 5-5.5% ABV.

“Something Wicked This Way Comes ABV: 5,0 %”. No head, no carbonation. Dark ruby red. Fruit on the nose, perhaps dark cherries. Taste is bitter, banana.

The lack of any carbonation makes this really difficult but there is some smoke under the nose. When the beer gets a bit warmer the malty backbone emerges, with smoother bitterness,  and those dark cherries are still there.

“Profane Porter ABV: 6,0%” is dark brown with no carbonation whatsoever, loose tiny head.

Aroma is chocolate, espresso with some roasted notes, dark fruits. Oily mouthfeel, soft, round, slightly sweet. Again, shame about the condition.

“Amon Amumme ABV: 7,6%” on the other hand has good carbonation but no head. Slightly murky reddish brown colour. Aroma is Gueuze or Lambic, sour with some fruit. Aroma is very close to Rodenbach and the fruit might actually be cherries for real, or some other fruit like mango or pineapple (could be the yeast too). Taste is cinnamon first followed by sour fruit. Some tingling in the mouth. A sour fruit beer but perhaps a bit too aggressive hopping.

To recap. What we have here is a case of a brewer who clearly is totally mad and follows no beer styles or boundaries but instead wants to brew outside the box. Was there really a single beer that I was able to say what style it was? Not really. There were some technical problems with carbonation and with condition in particular. But if one is able to see past that (and I think I can) the beers are complex, interesting and unique. They defy categorisation and each bottle was truly an unexpected treat, a surprise. Perhaps we’re beyond “beer” here already.

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