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Brew #37: Sasquatch Hug IPA

January 22, 2013 Comments off

Two new techniques for me, First Wort Hopping (FWH) and Mash Hopping. This brew will have time to mature and condition till the end of April should it turn out too squatchy…

name Sasquatch Hug IPA
“style” American IPA
brewlength 24 litres
IBU 69+
EBC 14
OG 1061
brewing date 22-Jan-13
yeast Nottingham
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 4.80 80.1%
grain 2 Munich 0.26 4.3%
grain 3 Wheat 0.15 2.5%
grain 4 Crystal 0.11 1.8%
fermentable 1 Invert sugar 0.67 11.2%
total 5.99 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
Columbus 14.5% 5 Mash
Cascade 5.9% 10 Mash
Columbus 14.5% 5 FWH
Cascade 5.9% 10 FWH
Columbus 14.5% 20 60 27
Columbus 14.5% 10 25 10
Cascade 5.9% 20 25 8
Columbus 14.5% 15 15 10
Cascade 5.9% 20 15 6
Columbus 14.5% 20 5 5
Cascade 5.9% 25 5 3
Cascade oil 2ml 0 0
total 160 69
mash schedule minutes degC
step 1 mash in 48
step 2 75 67
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Brew #36: Rauch 1049

January 20, 2013 Comments off

Sweet wort promised clear dark ruby red liquid bacon:

homebrewing 253

Hallertau Hersbrucker from 2011 harvest at 4.13% AA smelling and looking delicious:

homebrewing 254

Wanted to calculate the mash efficiency due to a large amount of rauch malz,  turned out to be 89 per cent. The recipe:

name Rauch 1049
“style” Smoke Beer
brewlength 24 litres
IBU 33
EBC 37
OG 1049
brewing date 20-Jan-13
yeast Safbrew S33
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Rauch (Weyermann) 3.03 60.1%
grain 2 Pale Ale 0.55 10.9%
grain 3 Munich 0.55 10.9%
grain 4 Vienna 0.50 9.9%
grain 5 Wheat 0.25 5.0%
grain 6 Crystal 0.10 2.0%
grain 7 Black 0.03 0.6%
grain 8 Chocolate 0.03 0.6%
total 5.04 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
Hallertau Hersbr. 4.13% 60 60 24
Hallertau Hersbr. 4.13% 40 20 10
total 100 34
mash schedule minutes degC
step 1 mash in 48
step 2 80 66
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Tasting impressions #34: Sancho’s Sleep Burton Ale

January 16, 2013 Comments off

Burton Ale went down to 1012 FG and a healthy 6.2 per cent abv and was bottled on 17/12/12.

homebrewing 245

The beer is as intended. Fruity and sweetish aroma, taste is quite full, soft, fruity, malty. One taster found Finnish rye porridge (mämmi) notes which I think meant malty. The taste is not without hops but they are in the background. No boozy taste at all. A nice winter warmer. It is quite worrying though how fast this beer seems to dry up.

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The Kernel Brewery Part 5: India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin

January 9, 2013 Comments off

At 7.4 per cent abv, bottled on 19.11.12 best before 19.3.13. Aroma is citrus, grapefruit juice, mango, those freshly-squeezed fruit coctail juices. Like being at the breakfast table in the tropics. The most aroma so far. The taste is more of the same, and then some extra grapefruit juice poured on top. Soft and round mouthfeel, the least bitter beer so far unless it’s hidden in all that balanced tropical freshness. I’m now done with all the pale beers of the bunch and this was the least beery and the softest – also “the best” – and gives a whole new meaning to that age-old lovely concept of “breakfast beer”. No wonder the Malt Miller was out of stock Nelson Sauvin hops, I was ready to blow my weekly allowance…

homebrewing 247

Tasting impressions #35: Bitter 1046

January 6, 2013 Comments off

This beer turned out paler than expected as it is 19 ebc on paper, almost London Pride category. Bottled on 30/12/12 and it went down to 1011 FG ~4.7 percent abv. Nothing to write home about really, better than a kick in the teeth, just an easy-drinking pale ale which is smooth and refreshing with firm bitterness. If nothing else I have learned to recognise EKG hops – the hop oil product is very handy and does work. Might brew this (or similar) one again in the summer but use Cascade hop oil instead.

homebrewing 244

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The Kernel Brewery Part 4: India Pale Ale Motueka Pacific Jade

January 6, 2013 Comments off

At 7.2 per cent abv. Bottled on 10.10.12 best before 10.02.13. Aroma is very Goose Island IPA-like, sweetish tropical fruit and pine. Taste is more of the same sans sweetness. Bitter, not a soft and rounded beer but with abrupt dryness, which I think is the only clue to the higher abv compared to the previous pale ales tasted. As the beer gets warmer the pine starts to dominate. A very solid variation on a theme.

homebrewing 243

The Kernel Brewery Part 3: Pale Ale Columbus Tomahawk Zeus

January 5, 2013 Comments off

At 5.4 per cent abv. Bottled on 20.11.12 best before 20.3.13. Aroma is citrus and pine balanced evenly. Taste is more citrus than pine, quite a dusty mouthfeel. The bitterness, again, is up front and firm.

homebrewing 242

This one has the most oily feel to it so far. And now I think the pine dominates although it is more like spruce tips actually.

Pale ales were very similar overall and the malt bills probably very similar if not the same. Potatoes potahtos tomatoes tomahtos. Horses for courses. Liked them all but Chinook seemed the weakest. Let’s move to IPA’s and north of seven per cent abv.