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Tasting impressions #78: Green Wild Hop Ale

November 10, 2014

This one finished at 1013° and 5.1 per cent abv.


Aroma is sweetish grass with red berries similar to Kohatu and Jade hops so might be due to the yeast. Not much bitterness up front, I’d estimate 18 IBUs or thereabouts, that would make the AA% around 1.2 or less. So very smooth, slightly sweet and lacking the hop bite as expected. I’ve brewed a generic beer. Technically sound but lacking character. It’s OK if one likes beers bland. No disturbing vegetal or cabbage flavours.

Not worth the effort trying to nurture these unknown and old Finnish country hop varieties, easier just to buy Hallertau and the like and get more flavour and aroma out of the low alphas.

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