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Bottling of Brew #77: Barley Wine

October 27, 2014


I bottled #77 today having kept it 31 days in the fermentor. Second and last time I used Mangrove Jack’s Burton Union M79 dry yeast. First brew with this yeast the abv hiked to 6.4 per cent from 5.5 per cent in the bottles resulting in dangerous gushers, beer being Duvel-like dry and thin (but packing a punch so not a total disaster). This time the beer dropped from 1094° to a mere 1040° (~7 per cent abv) and that was it. I roused it with a sanitised spoon with gay abandon. Panicking I even pitched Nottingham into it. No joy.

I carbonated the 20 litre batch with slightly less than 1/2 litre of gyle (speisen) which shouldn’t give me more than 1.5 volumes CO2. This beer is mostly for keeping, to be aged and matured, and I don’t want any explosions in case Burton Union decides to wake up again in the bottles.

As usual, I saved the last pint from the fermentor to be sampled. Colour is mahogany and only murky in this sample, otherwise it went into the bottles pin bright. Aroma is sweet and malty. Taste is sweet and the alcohol burn tingles the throat (I have twice checked the gravity with the hydrometer and the figures confirmed what I got with my refractometer. I even checked it just now again, numbers seem solid). There is also a hop bite and the mouth feel is reassuringly full, as expected. Quite promising really, this could still be a good beer.

First proper bottles to be opened at Christmas. Hopefully the beer will gently condition by then. But barley wine it ain’t.

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