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Tasting Impressions #74: DIPA

October 6, 2014

The last bottle of my DIPA at 8 per cent abv has dropped bright and has a beautiful coppery mahogany colour.


Aroma is fruity in a plummy way and resiny. Taste is more resin, quite piney and the bitterness has toned down and mellowed but still managing to have a good amount of bite. Mouth feel is solid.

Some other tasting impressions on the beer here, here and here. I have to say I cant find anything tropical or citrussy and next time I’ll brew a DIPA I’ll try to find some hops to balance the resiny pine with grapefruit. I will also dry-hop more aggressively. Now that should make it about perfect. Overall, a very balanced DIPA and some lessons for for future learned. I might actually get used to brewing higher gravity beers – same amount of beer, double the buzz…you do the math.

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