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Tasting Impressions #76: Keyworth Early Pale Ale

September 30, 2014

Final tasting of not quite single hop Keyworth Early Pale Ale, at 4.3 per cent abv.


Has a better head than #75. Aroma is minty. Perhaps there is some citrus in the taste, or I might be imagining it. Beer is quite cool so let’s wait a bit. Yes, there could be lemon actually, but Keyworth Early hop seems very generic, very clean, not overly anything really. I like it. Makes a very clean and refreshing beer, good for golden ales in the summer, say. Perhaps some red berries like in NZ Kohatu. Raspberry.

For next spring and summer if the supply is there I’ll get a few packets in to replace some other English hops, obviously the hop is experimental as I understand it so might not be possible.

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