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Tasting Impressions #75 and #76: Early Test Bottles

September 22, 2014

Why not? This is why I bottled into small 0.33L swing-tops. Recipes here and here, only the hops differ.

First one finished at 1014° and 4.7 per cent abv. Gentle carbonation already after five days.


Still has that fruity S04 yeast whiff as expected. Minty, herbal. Taste has some malty toffee, good body to the beer. Hopping is quite generic, Columbus and Cascade don’t really show, not at least yet, perhaps in week or two.  Nowt wrong with this but not super exciting either.

But now the reason for this early tasting: Keyworth Early hops. Finished at 1015° ie quite high and 4.3 per cent abv. I first thought 1052° but my refractometer readings were way off so probably much closer to 1048° – close enough for cooking.


Not that much different aroma to the previous one, perhaps less S04 and more aniseed. Very close to Northdown for all practical purposes, at this stage. Definitely no citrus, grapefruit, in fact, lacking all traces of New World. Sweaty socks. A thick woollen sock, the dampness of sweat dried, a heady aroma I associate to my school days in the 70’s when in those days shoes were taken off in the class room and there was this boy with the most fragrant woollen socks. Haven’t thought about that in forty years, but that’s the taste in this beer which might be due to Keyworth Early. Not entirely unpleasant, which is very worrying actually. Very interesting to see how this beer develops in the next few weeks.

So at this stage Keyworth Early is as English in character as you can get. It’s good to have some bitter in the pipeline at last – the King of beer styles.

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