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Tasting impressions #73: Christmas Winter Warmer – Revisited

August 25, 2014

Earlier tasting here, but what a change in a few weeks, thus this new post. The bottles are gushers and very aggressively so. The taste has changed drastically and the yeast seems very Belgian. Beer is dry and has the Belgian yeast aroma, that spiciness. In a blind test I would guess this beer to be a Duvel. Basically I have created a Duvel clone. Uncanny.

Due to the heat wave, fermentation was at around 30°C and over, conditioning also. I don’t mind the new taste but gushing is irritating and tedious. I bottled at 1016° after a week or so no change in the gravity and got 5.5 per cent abv. I just checked the gravity again and got 1010°, 6.4 per cent abv! Quite a change in the bottle, looks like Mangrove Jack Burton Union yeast was just having a bit of a rest in the fermentor before making the final plunge in the bottle.

At some stage this Autumn I will double-mash and brew a 10+ per cent abv barley wine with the same yeast, and even in the cooler weather will make sure I keep it in the fermentor long enough in order to catch any pauses and plunges in the gravity.

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