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Tasting impressions #74: DIPA

August 4, 2014

The competition DIPA went down to 1013 ° and has 8 per cent abv. The looks are reddish mahogany copper, quite bright even with the dry-hopping:


Here’s another one:


Aroma is pine and some refreshing fruit, not grapefruit but perhaps something tropical – clearly a familiar American IPA aroma. Mouthfeel is about medium+, not too heavy I’d say for the style but for me personally on the heavier side – double mash and not too much sugar worked well I guess. What I didn’t want was Belgian strong ale digestive drinkability like Duvel for instance has, I wanted the drinker to feel the body and 8 per cent alcohol.

Taste is pine and resin. Based on the first test bottle a few days ago I thought I wasn’t going to get enough bitterness due to my soft water, low utilisation and all that bollocks but I think the bitterness now comes through better. I had my dentist work on my choppers this morning and my gums might be a bit tender but this resiny taste really sticks to my gums. I don’t know. I am not an expert on AIPAs but usually expect pine and grapefruit. This certainly has the former. I think the bitterness is there but masked somewhat by the soft water and malty body. Say no more, say no more nudge nudge wink wink – dropped a 6-pack to Arde, who gave some reference points and other pointers for the recipe, so look forward to some tasting notes from someone who has been a hop head since 1980’s at least. He will explain this beer a lot better than I can.

I am halfway my 0.75L bottle and I am digressing…where was I going…yes, the beer style as I understand it is meant to be drunk very fresh, as soon as carbonated, for the sake of hops. Having now double mashed and dry hopped I think I could brew a similar DIPA and up the oomph about 25 per cent and land on a barley wine territory.

I need a kip now.

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