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Tasting impressions #73: Christmas Winter Warmer

August 3, 2014

Early taste of my ESB for the winter. 1058° to 1016° which is 5.5 per cent abv and 72 per cent attenuation. Huge head that lasts forever, beer itself is bright golden:


Aroma is fruity (not in a tropical sense but with redcurrants, gooseberries and the like) and malty. Mouthfeel is prickly due to ample carbonation. Taste is quite hoppy in a bitter way and has good initial bite.

Burton Union dry yeast is very neutral and crisp, and has cleaned out very quickly. With Nottingham the beer would not taste as ready for drinking. I really like these Mangrove Jack dry yeasts: well-behaved, quick, neutral, crisp, easy to clean from the FV.

I can feel the alcohol warming my chest so even at mere 5.5 per cent this beer has good Christmas potential. Nothing fancy, a no-nonsense strongish ale with a good hop bite. Sometimes those late aroma hops, hop stands and what have you simply are not needed and merely confuse the issue.

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