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Tasting impressions #70: Bramling Cross

May 29, 2014

This single hop beer conditioned in mere three days and the yeast is very neutral so let’s have a taste while it’s still fresh – four days after bottling.


On the nose there are red berries, redcurrant comes to mind. Reminds me of NZ Pacific Jade, only toned down. Grist bill and mash schedule were same old same old so there is the usual firm malty backbone. Finished at 5.2 per cent, not that much heavier to the taste than #69 golden ale, in other words, with this mash schedule any similar beer between 1040° and 1055° seems as “strong” as the other. I cannot bang on enough about the mash schedule – simply works.

The hopping schedule 6o mins / 0 mins / -15 mins for 15 mins works just fine compared to say 60/15/5/0/-15, probably not much difference there either way but the former seems more practical the way I sanitise, clean, etc – nowt to do until the last 15 minutes when I can have this burst of activity at one go prior to chilling the wort.

A very nice and drinkable beer and Bram X again shows that it can be used as a single hop – not one-dimensional at all.

Still waiting for my capacitor to be fixed, the sparky at Speidel Germany was on holiday, so I designed the recipe for the next beer: pale ale malt and porridge oats, EKG as a single hop, same hopping schedule as here, 1047°. So will be after a silky smooth mouthfeel. But now, back to the beer at hand…


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