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Tasting impressions #66: Rambler’s Amber Bitter

March 28, 2014

Three days ago a test bottle was almost conditioned but had a strange metallic taste. Then The Beer Nut mentioned in his blog that there sometimes is a metallic tang associated with English hops. I’ve only ever found this with Progress, both times I’ve used it in greater quantity. The following day another bottle and the tang was gone. Odd, but then again I’ve found that as the beer conditions the flavours can be a bit volatile but will soon settle down as the beer approaches its peak condition.

This flat cap beer looks a stunner already:


Fruity and malty, balanced with firm bitterness, slips down nicely. The hops blend together very well in a harmonious gathering of joyous familiarity – surely no other beer style rivals Bitter (as long as the brewer is not too heavy-handed with crystal malts).

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