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Tasting impressions #57: Stout Porter Revisited

March 24, 2014

Ex tempore tasting from the hidden stash. Stout porter brewed in early November.


Aroma is roasted malts and ground coffee. Carbonation has increased, as I move the glass I can see the bubbles just below the head rushing up. Mouth feel is malty and ever so soft, like cream, tingling on the tongue. Taste has no ash nor has it much recognisable bitterness from the hops, but instead a certain balance of ingredients. Last time I drank this, just before Christmas, I apparently detected some slight sourness. Can’t say that today.

I think this is a damned fine balanced porter, it has no sexy American hops to make it a black IPA, there is no Belgian yeast to give it that funkiness either and  its 7.7 per cent abv is well hidden in all that balanced soft drinkability. Sort of a beer that is labelled bland nowadays amongst the hipsterati.

I’ll get my coat now.

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