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Tasting impressions #63: Oatmeal Rye Bitter

March 18, 2014

In real life this beer was brighter but still murkier than earlier bottled ones sadly all gone now. I am left with three mini-casks and this tasting is from the first of those.



Only went down to 1012° and 3.9 per cent abv. Aroma is caramel and spicy pumpernickel. Mouth feel is soft and the taste is sweetish malts and soft spice – the cloying spiciness which I earlier interpreted was due to rye has disappeared and has become quite dry. There is something new here though and I believe it has to be the rye, not entirely pleasant, I don’t mind having my rye in bread or Mämmi (Finnish malted and fermented rye porridge, enjoyed Easter time with double cream) but in a beer…not so sure.

Still, quite a balanced and easy-going beer, not that sessionable and I believe I might have a proper task to get some cask space for future brews. I might have to drip-feed the left-over rye into something more palatable…

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