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Tasting impressions #65: Rambler’s Gold

March 16, 2014

This golden ale was brought down to 1009° and 4.1 per cent abv in five days by Mangrove Jack M07 British Ale dry yeast. After 13 days in the fermentor and four days in the bottle the beer looked like this:


I saved the yeast for another brew, such a clean crisp well-behaving well-attenuating yeast that leaves a thin film of sediment in the bottle. The fermentor was left super clean and the krausen ring came off very easy:


I am considering changing my “house yeast” Nottingham to this one. Anyway, on to the beer itself. This is it after seven days of conditioning in the bottle:


Lime in the aroma. Clean and crisp and still soft mouth feel, malty backbone then citrusy hops. Refreshing, balanced and very sessionable. Good drinkability. Not that complex or challenging but ticks all the right boxes for me. Happy with the yeast and Citra in the end. Also, flaked oats have definitely become a staple ingredient – together with wheat malt – to be added to the mash, such softness to the mouth feel.

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