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Tasting impressions #64: Citra Single Hop Pale Ale

March 8, 2014

Citra Single Hop in excellent condition already in mere five days and I am wondering if the new mash schedule has something to do with it as all the beers this year have conditioned super fast. This one finished at 3.9 per cent abv.


The new mash schedule produces very malty beers and the mouth feel of this one feels more like that of a 1050° one. Not to mention that mash efficiencies hover around 90 per cent, most recent having being 95 per cent.

Granted, perhaps not that good for a single hop beer in which the hop should be singing. All that balance and drinkability – hard cheese!

Aroma has no citrus really but red berries instead, similar to Pacific Jade, sans syrup. Taste is more of the same with perhaps some added citrus (lemon) and the bitterness is quite neutral but coarse. I actually think Pacific Jade was better – fruitier with a slight sweetness (redcurrant coulis) and with firm fruity bitterness.

The empty glass is left with lacing all the way up. I think I am done with Citra as a single hop and will possibly use it as a late hop stand addition in the future. Next brew will be a Pacific Gem single hop.

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