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Tasting impressions #62: Kohatu Jade Hop Burst Pale Ale

February 17, 2014

This beer finished quite dry, at around 1009° making it 4.9 per cent abv, just below the required strength.


Mouth feel is ever so light and soft and hopefully will crisp up later as the carbonation fully develops. In my initial tasting to gauge the carbonation I was getting red berries, raspberry and strawberry syrup both in the aroma and taste. All that has toned down. I am getting some sweetish berries but what has surfaced is an oaky character of wood.

There’s no hop bite, it’s light and a bit watery to be honest, closer to 3.9 than 4.9 per cent abv. I am sure I am not imagining the woody oak, this tastes a bit like what DeGarre beer bar in Bruges smells like – all those beams and old wood everywhere. A white wine drinker would like this beer. Hop bursting at these minimal levels is a waste of good bittering hops.

Edit: DRINKING THIS AGAIN ON 27 FEB. Good head has appeared, in good condition. Oaky character has disappeared. This beer is changing often as it matures. Or should I say Pils…I certainly would be fooled to think this is a pilsner. Slight spiciness on the tongue, soft and crisp. A good approximation for a pilsner – only better as it’s an ale…

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