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Tasting impressions #61: Pacific Jade Single Hop

February 4, 2014

First of my single hops is bright and well carbonated. This beer came down from 1050° to 1013° and 4.8 per cent abv. Head is fluffy and lasts:


Aroma is sweetish mango and syrupy raspberry. Taste has some bitterness but not enough, could use more hop bite upfront. Bitterness is soft and neutral, almost Magnum-like, which I did not expect. After the bitterness there is more of raspberry. Aftertaste is hoppy bitterness, neutral again, no resin or fruit. Quite light and drinkable, slips down very nicely, not too challenging and very crisp and refreshing. I can see why Pacific Jade hop is recommended for lagers but I can’t see the black pepper often mentioned.


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