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Tasting impressions #60: Box Hill Bitter

February 4, 2014

This coppery mahogany bitter finished at 4.3 per cent abv. Any decent head took ages (in beer days) after bottling to appear but finally:


Aroma is grapefruit (fresh citrus). Mouthfeel is full and malty, then grapefruit is tasted along with firm solid bitterness. Again, S04 yeast is slow to catch up, move aside and let the flavours develop. First samples were carbonated and plain fruity, now citrus is showing clearly. Also the caramel is toned down and more balanced. A tiny dose of white wine due to Nelson Sauvin hops. This at 4.3 per cent abv feels and drinks bigger than the 4.8 per cent #61 Jade single hop. A good balance of maltiness and hoppiness, looks and feels like an old-fashioned bitter, but has that citrus twist in the end.

Now we’re talking…a lovely pint.

Looks and reminds me of Pilgrim Brewery’s Progress at 4 per cent abv, although Dave was able to get that citrus out of Styrian Goldings without resorting to New World hops…


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