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Brewing Plans for 2014

January 5, 2014

No Belgian yeast. No porters or stouts. One hefeweizen to use up the yeast. Something with rye and rauch malts which I bought last year and have no idea what to do with, yet. Not many brews over 1050 OG.

A single hop series: 8% munich, 3% wheat, 3-5% caramel/crystal malts (carared, caramunich, etc), rest pale ale (or pilsner). Chocolate/black for colour adjustment. EKG, Bram X, Citra, Chinook, Pacific Jade and Gem, Kohatu (this will be low-ibu hop-burst). Single hop beers often are quite one-dimensional but I aim to minimise alcohol tax paid this year and figuring out hop combos takes too much time. I’m trying to save one or two bottles of each till December and have a review on what works and what doesn’t.

Brewing starts today with a light APA, and I’ll be mostly using 5L mini-casks and swing-tops rest of the year.

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