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Tasting impressions #57: Stout Porter

December 22, 2013


A test bottle really as this beer will hopefully mature a couple of years to come. Bottled 28/11/13 at 1017 FG ie 7.7 per cent abv. Aroma is roast dark malts and coffee. Carbonation is quite subdued, bubbles only evident in the bottom of the glass. Taste is a slight hit of warming alcohol, syrupy treacly bitter hops upfront on the roof of the mouth, then roast malty coffee. Bitterness is clearly unrefined still, no usual smoothness as of yet. The amount of sugar used has smoothed out nicely though. Mouthfeel is medium. Some sourness but not much. What seems clear is that the bitterness addition of hops is sufficient – no aroma hops are needed.

I have reserved a few 0.75L bottles for this Christmas but most of the bottles are 0.33L small Belgian ones, stashed away in safe-keeping and to be matured as long as possible. I also hope to gift a few to a couple of beer bloggers/reviewers/nerds etc – but not quite yet, I’ll give this beer some time first.

To recap, this brew might have potential but it’s too early to tell. As is, very drinkable and passable, not earth-shattering. Next update in a year’s time.

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