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Tasting impressions #55: Worthington’s IPA Clone

November 18, 2013

The test bottle promised a lot a few days ago. Bottled 5th November ie 13 days ago, finished at 1011 FG, 5.7 per cent abv. Recipe here.

Sadly there was a casualty, after almost 2 1/2 years of faithful service one of my mini-casks gave up the battle – the rotter started leaking from the bottom pressed rim edge thus losing its precious contents. Needless to say I was heartbroken and utterly devastated.

Aroma is fruity but instead of the tropical kind, it is berries from the northern hemisphere. Also similar to the test bottle(s) there is butterscotch (pointed to me by the wife who was unaware of the Maris Otter malt). Mouthfeel is dusty and fairly full, a bit oily. Taste is more of the butterscotch, then bitter grassy herbal hoppiness. Aftertaste is solid bitterness. A solid simple full-bodied beer with no fancy ponciness ie no grape-fruit. An old-fashioned beer, I’d like to think.



A very simple beer and not many ingredients, perhaps less is sometimes more and perhaps it makes sense to sometimes brew a clone recipe. In fact, I wouldn’t have any other accompaniment to take me by the hand reading Andrew Martin’s latest Jim Stringer Railway Detective -novel Night Train to Jamalpur. Not even the previous pale ale with colonial hop varieties.

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