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Tasting impressions #52: Rambler’s Respite Bitter

October 8, 2013

Fermentis Safale S04 took this beer down to OG 1012 and 3.9 per cent. Bottled version has raisins in the aroma and the taste is ever so slightly roasty with raisins (dark fruits). Dusty hoppiness, on the light side though – could benefit from more of the upfront bitterness. Very drinkable and sessionable, maltiness dominates and there is a whiff of yeast on the nose.


Cask version more than a week later. Roastiness has disappeared, usually the minicask version is softer but in this case the opposite is true – even the hops seem perkier. Clearly the better version, also the slight yeastiness has disappeared. In a blind  test it would not be easy to think these two are the same beer. Two explanations, either the flip/swing-top bottles are not in their prime anymore or S04 yeast needed some more time. I think the latter and it pisses me of I only have this one cask left – damn you neighbourly barter and flat car battery.


I even get some slight toffee notes now. Next brew will be OG 1045 smoked porter with NZ Pacifica Jade hops but after that it is back to this theme here.

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

                                               —Oscar Wilde

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