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London Beer Trip August 2013: Great British Beer Festival at Olympia

August 17, 2013

Not too crowded yet on Wednesday:





Beers drank (mostly thirds, some halves but no pints) on Wednesday:

Arkell’s – Bramling X 4.2% (very sulphury so the hops didn’t show)

Dorset Brewing Company – Dorset Knob 3.9%

Fuzzy Duck – Golden Cascade 3.8%

Goose Eye – Chinook Blonde 4.2%

Great Oakley – Gobble 4.5%

Rother Valley – Smild 3.8%

Salopian – Golden Thread 5%

Hawkshead – Windermere Pale 3.5%

Cantillon – Iris

Kneitinger – Export Dunkel 5.2%

Aecht Schlenkerla – Rauchbier Marzen 5.1% (wooden cask/barrel)



East London – Foundation Bitter 4.2%

Foxfield – Dark Mild 3.7%

Harveys – Wild Hop 3.7% (good reminder why Harveys beers are crap, the brewing water is disgusting, burtonised-like)

Highland – Pale Ale 4.7%

Stonehouse – Station Bitter 3.9% (best normal bog standard bitter)

Lincoln Green – Village Green 4.2%

St Austell – Proper Job 4.5% (twice, very good)

Cairngorm – Black Gold 4.4% (Carafa malts I assume, practically no roasted coffee flavours)

Trunk – Export Dunkel 5.3%

Il Vicino Brewing New Mexico – Nelson’s Exodus 7.6%


Citrus and especially grapefruit flavours were not easy to avoid, those seemed to pop up everywhere. Hopefully it’s just a fad. Got two lovely glasses and Bob Steel’s South East Pub Walks as souvenirs. No T-shirts this time.