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Tasting impressions #44 and #45: Bram X and Bog Standard – Cask

June 9, 2013

Deep in the forests of Tavastland Proper there is a hideaway Sauna, rumoured to have the best LÖYLY (steam and heat from the KIUAS (hot stones placed on top of Sauna stove)) of this backward country.



By default, this would make it the best Sauna in, not only Finland, but also the world. It looks the business – dark, ancient and steamy:



This is what would be called the business end, radiating the softest and the most oxygen-rich heat to prevent drowsiness:



In the olden days Saunas would’ve been used to malt grains for beer. And for childbirth. But I digress. The mythical view straight out of Holdstock’s Mythago Wood:



So, tasting and comparing two beers after a dehydrating bathing session. Bramling Cross from cask:



Bog Standard from cask:



A real testament to the consistency of Speidel Braumeister brewing system. Exactly two same beers except for hopping. Bramling Cross wins by a country mile with its citrusy grapefruity freshness, leaving dusty, woody and bog standard EKG and Fuggles far behind. Both beers in perfect condition, almost makes me a southern beer drinker and forget about sparklers.

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