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Tasting impressions #45: Bramling Cross Single Hop Bitter

June 4, 2013

Same beer as #44 except the hops differ, this beer being the reason the previous beer was brewed. This one also ended up at 1009 FG and 4 per cent abv. I did have one school-boy error though when brewing #44, I forgot to add Gypsum so had to leave it out from this one too.



Slightly less head and carbonation. Aroma is also fruity but more on the citrus (grapefruit) front. Taste is very citrusy, dry also, mouthfeel about the same as it should be. Citrus brings that “American” taste and feel to the beer.

A very useful experiment because now I am convinced what kind of a bitter/pale ale I prefer to brew and drink. Although both beers worked and the latter even more so, the way to go is just to bitter the beer with hops like Target, Magnum, Challenger, Northdown and then use hops like EKG, Fuggles, Styrian Goldings, Bramling X for flavour and aroma. Because both of these beers lacked that initial hop bitterness even though the IBUs on paper are quite respectable.

And I still didn’t get that Ribena-like black currant at all.

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