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Tasting impressions #43: India Porter

May 14, 2013

Beer has been on the back burner as the brewer has become the roofer specialising in dilapidated farm outbuildings. The porter has had nine days in the bottle so time for a test bottle was arranged.

Flip top bottle opens with a loud bang, ample tan head. Jet black with some ruby tint to it, has dropped bright (no Protofloc).




Aroma is roasted chocolate which turns into sour.  The taste. I think I can tell the difference Gypsum brings. Still quite soft though, smooth with a nice round full body but somehow also dry. Moorish. Good bitterness although not so much trace of Columbus hops, just high alpha generic bitter hop forwardness – none of that resiny pine poncey nonsense. Still refreshing and balanced.

A cracking beer indeed. There are two of these conditioning inside Orval bottles, waiting to be savoured in the leafy Surbiton in August during GBBF 2013. Simple pleasures, eh?


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