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Tasting impressions #40: Saison III 2013

March 29, 2013

Tasting my third ever saison very young, only nine days after bottling. Slightly hazy, orange (poor picture, no back light at all), ample carbonation and head:


An increase of bittering hops cuts some of that soft water, still very balanced though. Spicy and peppery but without the heavy hitting of WLP-565 yeast – this Belle Saison dry yeast doesn’t have that Dupont character so evident in super saison Moinette and is clearly more subtle.  Also, it is more sessionable than the two previous ones – WLP-565 and 566 can have that Belgian yeast taste that starts to disgust after awhile if enjoyed in a row.

Unmistakeably Belgian saison in character and a very pleasing effort. Ideas for the future might be to use the same yeast but add American hops (saison-IPA) or to simplify – just EKG for hops with pale ale and spelt malts.

(this beer will be reviewed, together with brew #39, on radio sometime in April and it looks like I don’t have to be ashamed of it at all)


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