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Beery Jaeger Pork Schnitzels (Hunter’s Pork Cutlets)

March 15, 2013

Beer and pork go so well together and this one is one heavy dish – loads of butter, fat and cream – not for people on a diet nor for the faint hearted. For fat blokes who like hearty comfort food and beer.

A pork loin cut into steaks (I like them chop-thick) and slightly pounded. Then into flour with some salt, pepper, thyme, sage, cayenne. Then into egg wash. Then into bread crumbs (panko if you must). Fry them in loads of butter until golden brown. Place in an oven dish and then into oven to cook and get tender – none of that fashionable pink pork crap here, it’s just not right.


Move into sauce. Same frying pan, saute a large onion, add more butter, add chopped bacon, pepper, salt, thyme, sage, fry a bit. Add mushrooms (I used trumpet chantarelles and regular button ones), keep frying. A bit of soy sauce, 2 tsp of dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, beer (I used my recent mild), heavy cream. Parsley. Keep cooking on low heat until onions are super soft and you have a thick paste, too thick to be a sauce. I added some of the leftover flour into the mix too in order not to waste it.


The pork should be nicely sizzling by now in the oven, pour the paste sauce on top and cook until ready. Serve with boiled potatoes.  Drink beer with it.


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