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Cheese Smothered Beery Pork Chops

February 21, 2013

First, cook the roux. Fry a chopped onion with bits of bacon in butter until the onion is soft, add thyme and mushrooms (I used trumpet chanterelles), cook a bit more. Add pepper, salt, cayenne, flour, dijon mustard. Then in goes the beer (I used my smoky Rauch) and milk. Cook away the taste of flour until you have a thick paste. Add some chopped gherkins and lots of grated cheese (I used emmental). Should look like this:


Fry some pork steaks (loin or chops) in butter, season with pepper, salt, a bit of cayenne. Put in the oven until tender:


Take out of the oven and plaster the paste on top of the steaks. Some bread crumbs, more cheese and cayenne on top:


Put back into the oven until golden brown (I was too hasty) and cheese has melted:


Enjoy with a few nice pints. Use your own judgement to figure out the measurements, temperatures, what have you. This works with chicken too, or bread to make an open sandwich.

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