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Tasting impressions #37: Sasquatch Hug IPA

February 13, 2013

Bottled this one on 6th of February at 1009 FG, ~6.8 per cent abv. Looks the part, really beautiful, good amount of carbonation and condition in a mere week:

homebrewing 256


While I’m uploading the photo the aroma is wafting gently into my nose. Citrus, no pine or resin really that I can tell, just generic citrus. The taste is pleasantly dry, the body is nicely medium+, not thin at all. No alcohol what so ever in the taste. Good initial bitterness hit, but softly softly. Bitterness is firm and up front. There is some hoppy aroma from the late additions but not that much – could be that First Wort Hopping dominates any late aroma hop additions in the boil. Some pleasant oiliness as it’s slipping down. A tight beer, firm and tight.

Really pleased with the results. Not sure I’d want to change anything if I was to brew this again, might try some Nelson Sauvin hops in order to get that mango fruit cocktail thingy going on but other than that I think this is it – but why brew something twice when there are so many permutations…

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