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Tasting impressions #36: Rauch 1049

February 13, 2013

Bottled this beer on 4th of February at 1012 FG, ~4.8 per cent abv.

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Aroma is malty, slightly smoky. Taste is malty, refreshing, soft, smoky. Good balance between sweetness and hops, both being quite subtle. Smokiness could have been more pronounced instead of delicate.  Very germanic, kellerbier-like.  Less carbonation than usual in my brews, slips down nicely. Not exactly liquid smoked bacon as I wanted but somehow I doubt that even with 100 per cent smoked malt this beer would have been Schlenkerla’ish – I assume the real smokiness comes not only from the ingredients but from the equipment used, having been ingrained into it over the centuries.

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