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Dark Star Brewing Co. 6.5 per cent abv Combo

January 4, 2013

The left one is Green Hop and the right one is Six Hop, both at 6.5 per cent abv.

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The difference is the colour of course. And the right one has more American style piney resiny aroma to it and is smoother. The left one is a bit more crude. I know nothing about these beers but they both seem to have american hops and the right one some Crystal malt too. They both look pretty snazzy. But which one is better? The left glass is empty and the right one is only half way, then again I am right-handed and use the mouse with my right hand. I still choose the left one ie Green Hop just because the other one feels more American and it is nice to get the same hop effect out of at least some English hops – but I could be totally wrong here. Two cracking beers nevertheless.