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Sambrook’s Brewery Beer Tasting

December 24, 2012

From Sambrook’s I’ve had Wandle, Powerhouse Porter and Junction Ale before, served as God intended (ie. dispensed through a sparkler) and liked them a lot. These are the kind of beers I prefer to brew and drink.

First up is Wandle at 4.2 per cent abv. Small head that disappears quickly, low to medium carbonation. Aroma is some toffee, then malt and citrus. Taste is dusty hop bitterness and caramel maltiness. Perhaps some butter too. Balanced and smooth with good body for a beer its strength. As the beer gets warmer there’s clearly more butter and hop bitterness hitting the throat.

homebrewing 233

Next one is Pale Ale, also at 4.2 per cent abv. More resistant head and more carbonation. Aroma is malt, taste is citrus and vague tropical fruits. Nice bitterness but could use more of it.  Again, quite balanced but also a bit unremarkable. Not a bad beer by any means, very refreshing but given the choice between this and Wandle there is no contest. Wandle it is and a pint of Pale Ale for someone who doesn’t like “brown beers”. But still…as the beer goes down and gets a tad warmer, there is some piny resin somewhere. Nice one but I prefer Wandle.

homebrewing 234

Third is Junction at 4.5 per cent abv. Near perfect colour for my money. Head disappears quite quickly but leaves a nice lacing. Certainly looks like a proper pint. Aroma is malty caramel. Somehow tastes drier than Wandle and it’s very difficult to find anything to write because it just feels so balanced: not particularly hoppy or malty. Reminds me of Pilgrim Brewery’s Progress (now THAT’S a proper pint and I could wax lyrical for pages and pages about their beers and The Riser (RIP) in Epsom) albeit less malty. Similar kind of balance.

homebrewing 235

The beers had a solid mouthfeel for their strength. These beers won’t set the beer nerd/ticker’s world on fire but especially Wandle and Junction should rack up good interest and sales where ever beards and sandals are present.