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Brew #34: Sancho’s Sleep Burton Ale

December 5, 2012

The idea for this beer came from the Burton Ale chapter in Martyn Cornell’s book Amber, Gold & Black. I recently reread that chapter because of this.

Some key words lifted from the book: strong ale, slightly roasted malts, darker, fuller flavour, prolonged cellar treatment, dry-hopped, stored for some weeks, darker and sweeter than bitter, hard Burton water, pale malt, Kentish hops, 6 per cent alcohol by volume, soft water, comforting brew, winey, rather sweet taste, bitter-sweet flavour, dark, sweet beers, sweet, darkish beer, dark sugars, crystal malt, fruity, slightly sweet, with caramel…seems perfect for cold winter months (-21 degC last night).

I roasted some pale ale malt in the oven at 180 degC for half an hour and found the aroma very toasty a few days later while crushing them. The sugar used is 200g of white table sugar and 50g of dark Demerara sugar boiled into a syrup. The wort during the mash, dark already without the sugars:



During the boil it looked like the OG would fall short so I quickly looked up “Burton Ale” tag under Ron Pattinson’s website to see what kind of sugar amounts would still be appropriate and saw some brewing tables with ~13% in them so decided to use the whole contents of the treacle tin. This brew recipe may not be that authentic to any Burton Ale brewed at any time but it does have Martyn Cornell’s seal of approval and it will be a winter warmer.

name Sancho’s Sleep
“style” Burton Ale
brewlength 24 litres
IBU 31
EBC 35+
OG 1059
brewing date 5-Dec-12
yeast Safale S-04
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 5.000 79.6%
grain 2 Roasted Pale Ale 0.280 4.5%
grain 3 Crystal 0.300 4.8%
fermentable 1 Sugar 0.250 4.0%
fermentable 2 Lyle’s black treacle 0.450 7.2%
total 6.280 100%
hops gram minutes ibu
EKG 5.49% 65 60 31
dry hop EKG Aroma Oil 2.5ml into FV
total 65 31
mash schedule minutes degC
step 1 mash in 48
step 2 80 70
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