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Tasting notes #29: House Bitter

October 4, 2012

Next one up is House Bitter at 1043 OG (1012 FG, ~4.1 per cent ABV). One finger head, nice carbonation. Surprisingly light in colour, I was expecting more copper and mahogany.

Aroma has that typical fruitiness of S-04 yeast, I also detect what I associate with Munich malts. The taste has more of the same, balanced nicely by the hops and I believe adding Saaz late in the boil makes all the difference; I won’t say grass but it certainly has that European spicy character. A nice crisp beer and I feel no need to tinker with my house bitter recipe. A good session beer.

The looks and taste remind me of TTL, albeit with less toffee. Perhaps I have created a proxy for Maris Otter…

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