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Brewing Software Tinkering

September 9, 2012

The other day at Jim’s Beer Kit Homebrewing Forum Graham Wheeler threatened to pull his free Beer Engine recipe design programme off the server so I quickly downloaded it just in case. It seems to be very simple and user-friendly and I’ll be using it for my next brew. I have used Beersmith 2 with my 20 litre Speidel Braumeister (and a separate spreadsheet from which I copypaste  my recipes) and it seems quite complicated to use – I have about ten different equipment profiles and although I’ve settled to use 26 litres to brew my rinse water keeps changing from 4 to 8 litres and my batch size in the profile settings is all over the place. What a pain.

But I noticed a neat feature in Wheeler’s software which I’m going to test out.  I have target volume set to 24 litres and efficiency to a conservative 80% (also evaporation 10% and wort loss 2.1 litres). In set defaults there is also a liquor to grist ratio field and when I typed in litres over kilos as per recipe ( 26l/4.44kg = 5.86) on the recipe page I got mash liquor 26 and total liquor 32.9, suggesting sparge or rinse amount of 6.9 litres.

Next week house bitter to see if I can hit target gravity of 1045 and 24 litres into the fermentor as per above.

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