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Brew #27: Colonel Williams IPA Clone

August 29, 2012

Martyn Cornell’s blog is the best beer blog there is and when he brewed a collaboration beer with Brain’s (brewing here, tasting here) – a simple malt-forward IPA with little emphasis on hop aroma – I wanted to brew that beer as well (although I’m not a fan of clones). My recipe is based on Martyn’s guidelines slightly tweaked: less black malt as it is for colour only to match the colour of the beer in some pictures I’ve seen and the hop pellets in the fermentor replaced by hop aroma oil. The yeast is dryish Nottingham in order to accentuate the malts and hops at the expense of fruitiness. IBU’s around 50 as Martyn specifies although there is some reason to believe Colonel Williams was brewed around 35-40 IBU’s at Brain’s.

Wasn’t an easy brew. Barely hit the range of 1055-1060 OG and the colour ended up too dark (a small increase in black malt affects the EBC a lot but luckily not the taste). Also, my mash efficiency has mysteriously deteriorated in the last few brews, haven’t the faintest idea why – got 77% but used to hit early 90’s with the same procedure.

name Colonel Williams IPA Clone
“style” EIPA
IBU 49
EBC 21
OG 1055
brewing date 29-Aug-12
yeast Nottingham
fermentables grain kg %
grain 1 Pale Ale 5.45 99%
grain 2 Black 0.06 1%
total 5.51 100%
hops hop gram minutes
bittering EKG 7% 65 60
aroma EKG 7% 35 15
dry hop EKG Aroma Oil 3ml into FV
total 100
mash schedule minutes degrees c
step 1 mash in 40
step 2 65 67
step 3 15 77
Protafloc tablet
into FV 21.5 litres

Recipe: Colonel Williams IPA Clone
“Style”: English IPA
Brewed: 8/29/2012
Bottled: 9/14/2012
OG: 1.055 SG
FG: 1.012 SG
Alc%vol: 5.6 %
In FV: 21.5L
Bottled: 21.16L

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