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Tasting notes #25: Progress Pale Ale

August 12, 2012

Oh dear, this beer is not brown! But it is somewhat boring. The recipe is a simple SMaSH with Pale Ale malt and Progress hops, fermented with Nottingham to cut down the fruitiness.

Aroma is quite neutral with a slight herbal edge. The mouthfeel is oily and thin to medium (should’ve brewed it higher than 66 degC).  There is a good bitterness and loads of bland neutrality. Compared to brew #24 where I came up with a near perfect house bitter malt bill, this beer is very one-dimensional and all it really does is teach you what Progress hops are like – the answer being not as nice as Northdown and Challenger and to be used with other hops. These SMaSH beers might work as a study case for a certain malt or a hop but I doubt I will be brewing another any time soon. It’s not a bad beer by any means and it’s technically sound but it is more like a gateway beer from mass-produced lager to something like SNPA.

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