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Tasting a guest homebrew: oh6gdx’s mixed bag of goodies – part 1

No less than seven beers from one of RateBeer’s top beer raters, oh6gdx. What a treat! I’ll keep it short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves. Didn’t know Patrik was a home brewer and he has a simple labeling on all the bottles: Burnt Island Brewing Company, style or name of the beer and ABV%.

The first beer is “Kölsch ABV:5,0%”.  Loads of carbonation, just after pouring:



The aroma is cidery apple juice and vinegar. The taste is malty, clean and dry and the cidery aroma stays on the nose while sipping but is not in the taste. Some grassy hops – no bitterness – playing clearly the second fiddle to the malts. As the beer warms up it gets even maltier and softer, the apple stays in the aroma and some apple vinegar is introduced to the taste. I don’t have much drinking experience on Kölsch beers but this seems like a funky Belgian version of the style – very pleasant in a lambiccy way and I’d drink this by the jugful. Never really had aroma and flavour combos like this before.


The second one is also a Kölsch: “Amber Kölsch ABV: 5,1%”. Livelier than the previous one, also lots of carbonation:



Aroma is very neutral, lacking the apple. First sip is something smoked. Grainy malty smokiness, dry, refreshing. Again, hops are nowhere to be seen. Tartish. Perhaps less interesting than the previous one but technically it’s all there. Very balanced. I am hoping the brewer’s celebrity status isn’t interfering and messing with my objective opinion on these two beers but the first one was interestingly quirky and the second one a balanced workhorse of a beer.

(Note: I am allowing comments on the posts where I am tasting a guest brew and welcome the brewer and anyone who’s had that beer to participate. Cheers!)

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