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Tasting a guest homebrew: Gleb’s Imperial Stout

Pours a lively, huge tan dense head that stays…and stays.  While I’m waiting to get some more beer into the glass I am smelling a fruity, roasted aroma. A little bit of alcohol in the whiff. This is what it looks like after I got some fresh beer into the glass:



Taste is roasted bitterness, fairly dry, less alcohol than in the aroma.  Coffee, dark chocolate. That bitterness lingers on and is my only criticism (edit: but it grows on you as you keep sipping the beer), could be a tad smoother. This is one heavy beer and my first ever…extract porter/stout.

The brewer says: “Coopers Stout, Real Ale and Draught. Black malt, Candi, Muscovado. 8.5% ABV. Fuggles and some American hops. Coopers yeast.  Brewed in May 2012.”

There is a rumour going around in Australia that Coopers yeast is baker’s yeast but if I hadn’t known this had extract and Coopers yeast I wouldn’t have been any wiser – to my taste buds it is at least as good as Koff Porter if not better. I hope Gleb has saved some bottles for himself for Christmas! I need a kip now…



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