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Tasting a guest homebrew: Kiwi Ale and Re-Porter

Swopped some bottles with fellow brewers, starting the tasting with Johnny Rio’s latest labours of love. The first one is a “Kiwi Ale, 5.6% abv, ~35 ibu”. Other known facts I managed to dig up are Wai-iti, Cascade and Amarillo hops.



Fruity aroma, fruit cocktail, passion fruit, some piney resin. The taste is more passion fruit, smooth fruity bitterness, aftertaste oily bitterness. Some numbness and tinkling in the mouth. Dry and refreshing. Delicious! SWMBO found some gooseberry in the taste (I didn’t).

Of the next beer, “Re-Porter, 7.9% abv, ~45ibu” I found out the following: Safale S-04, EKG, Willamette, oak chips in brandy. Lively bugger!



Prominent roast aroma, coffee. Taste is more of the same with good bitterness. Some fruitiness, could be from the yeast. Oak? Brandy? Could be, hard to tell, this beer is HUGE and I am getting a very warm glowing sensation in my chest. Could’ve saved this one for Christmas but what the heck – good beers come and go.

Two smashing beers from Johnny Rio.

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