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Tasting a guest homebrew #2: Bergsta Porter Duo

First of the last two Bergsta beers is Belgo Porter at 7.5% ABV. Based on the name I would assume a Belgian yeast strain is used.

Appearance: almost black, some ruby colour against sunlight. Head as in the picture below, mocha-coloured, leaving lacing.



Aroma: some alcohol and fruity Belgian yeastiness. Roasted notes.

Mouthfeel: soft light to medium. Crystallised sugar?

Taste: first hit is quite candy-like, sweet, one can almost feel the sugar in its crystallised form in the mouth. Then, roastiness, bitterness, some spice too. After having poured the yeasty dregs in to the glass the sweetness seems to disappear somewhat. The aroma seems to capture the Belgian character better.

Conclusion: a bit too sweet for my taste and the Belgian input is clearly more present in the aroma than the taste where the roast notes dominate. Technically, very solid (except the crystallised sugar) and would go very nicely with a fruit cake at the end of a meal.

The second porter is Via Baltica Baltic Porter at 8.5% ABV. Without further ado:

Appearance: jet-black with a mocha-coloured (again) head, sticky lacing and foam being almost a froth. This beer even feels heavy in the glass…



Aroma: not nearly as fruity or yeasty as the previous one but more subdued. Less alcohol on the nose, quite neutral actually.

Mouthfeel: medium to heavy, viscous quality to it, oily, very tight. Tingling in the mouth.

Taste: dry, burned, dark coffee, very robust. Packs a punch. Some sourness. Nice balance with the hops, they must be there as the beer is dry and there’s the tingling.

Conclusion: I especially like the dry quality of this big porter. Technically without a fault whatsoever, very balanced and very comforting. Haven’t drank that many of imperial/Baltic/stout porters and certainly can’t remember a better one. This recipe is definitely a keeper and one to brew again. Olutsieppo, please put me down for a six-pack for Christmas, thank you.

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