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Tasting a guest homebrew #1: Bergsta IPA

This is the first of three tasting notes on a fellow home brewer Olutsieppo’s beers. A professional looking label mentions 6.9% ABV and Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus hops. Let’s crack it open!

Appearance: there is a noise of gas escaping when the bottle is opened and the beer pours a hazy orangey with one-finger head which later on leaves an even coating of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: citrusy, piney resin, fresh and fruity, with the slightest whiff of alcohol. Clearly hops are present.



Mouthfeel: soft, medium mouthfeel to it. Actually, quite surprisingly soft feel to it considering the resiny aroma.

Taste: good round and soft maltiness with resiny and citrusy hops. 6.9% ABV is nicely hidden and the pine and resin dominates the citrus in the aftertaste.  Some sweetness too but the hop presence is clearly evident from the tingling of the tongue.

Conclusion: technically, only problem I can see is that some bits of hop cones are floating around which in some circumstances could be undesirable. My personal preference would be to have some more hop bitterness (early hop addition) to reduce the softness and slight sweetness but this is splitting hairs.  I suspect dry-hopping was extensive as the aroma is so strong and clear on the nose. I would happily order a six-pack of this beer – a very solid IPA indeed.

(if I was able to locate the correct beer searching the internet, the beer had around 64 IBU’s, Vienna malts were used and of the total hop bill only 20% was for bittering. The yeast was Wyeast 1272 – American Ale II)

  1. Olutsieppo
    February 13, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    I’m glad to read you found my IPA tasty. I think the hop profile ended up pretty nice using all left over hops I had sitting in my freezer. You’re absolutely right that the beer could have had a little more hop bite to it. I will definitely brew it again, but whit the first hop edition @ 60min trying to aim at sligtly higher IBU’s, maybe around 80. The Wyeast 1272 really suited this beer with it’s fruity caracter.

    Here is the full hop profile:

    20 g Centennial (9.7% Alpha) @ 45 Minutes (Boil)
    22 g Simcoe (12.2% Alpha) @ 20 Minutes (Boil)
    23 g Columbus (17.9% Alpha) @ 7 Minutes (Boil)

    Dry hopped with 34g Cascade & 34g Centennial for 5 days

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